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Hard Disk Low Level Format Tool

Developer HDDGURU

This HDD Low Level Format utility is free for home use. It can erase and Low-Level Format a SATA, IDE, SAS, SCSI or SSD ...

UFS Explorer Professional Recovery

Developer SysDev Laboratories LLC

If you happen to be a data specialist and know how to read and deal with low-level data analysis, you will find UFS Explorer Professional Recovery ...

AV Bros. Page Curl Pro

Developer AV Bros

This multi-purpose Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts plug-in has the ALL NEW and unrivalled engine that lets you not only bend the ...


Developer Willems Soft

Sokoban GP2X is a remake of the classic Sokoban game. You as the player need to push boxes to specific locationsin the level. ...

Lighting Level Calculator

Developer MC Group Inc.

Lighting Level Calculator is a tool to calculate the level of lighting in a room. The Lumens of ...

The Crypt

Developer OTS Software

The Crypt 1.2 is a first-person shooter game for windows. The game features one demo level with more ...


Developer Tikaluna Software Solutions

This software will accurately predict, with a very high degree; the level of your own Moon echo's the level of Echo's you ...

Ta-Ta Mahatta

Developer RenegadeWare

All Ta-Tas have only 3 health points. A Ta-Ta will lose one health whenever it is hit by an enemy or by touching hazardous materials. ...


Developer Safi

SAFI 3D is a program for structural design applications. Its features can be represented by SAFI level one, ...

Level 3 Web Meeting Plugin

Developer Level 3 Communications, Inc

Level 3 Web Meeting Plugin is a program that allows you to easily start Level 3 Web Meeting as a chairperson or co-presenter. The plugin supports ...

Level Director

Developer retrofit Productions

Level Director is a purpose built level editor and asset manager for the Corona SDK and runs under Windows. Using the new template ...


Developer Scientific Software International, Inc.

The HLM program can fit models to outcome variables that generate a linear model with explanatory variables that account ...

Level III

Developer Canadian Environmental Modelling Centre, Trent University

A Level III simulation describes a situation which is one step more complex and realistic than the Level II model. ...

TR Level Manager

Developer Paolo B.

TR Level Manager was written to enlarge diffusion of Custom Levels' World. TR Level Manager tries to reach this target in two ways: - To get ...

Citrus Engine Level Architect

Developer Blueflame Development LLC

The Level Architect is a level editor specially designed for the Citrus Engine. While there are other level editors available, you ...